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Music has always been a part of my life.  I started playing piano when I was very young.  I could just listen to a song, and immediately play it.  I do not read or write music, so I know that it is a wonderful gift from Abba Father.

Unfortunately life has taken me on many twists and turns, due to my own bad choices, but in 2011 I wholeheartedly gave my life to Yeshua. I resigned from the whole secular music scene, and decided to just write and compose music to Abba Father. Lyrics has always been quite a challenge for me, unlike music which I can compose on the spot. I always use to think that it will be so great if I can just find someone who can write lyrics, and I add the music to it. 

 At times it was really frustrating for me, cause I will have all these music compositions but no lyrics to it. But in time the Lord was gracious enough to me and He has blessed me with beautiful songs written through the help of Holy Spirit.  I recorded my first album ‘Something in that Moment’ in 2012. Still though I feel that music comes much more easily than lyrics.

In the meantime the Lord was busy with a deep purification process inside of me.  It was sometimes very hard and painful because of my past, but it was so worth it.

My desire was just to know Him more, but even though I was growing spiritually, I felt as if there was still something missing.  I was tired of hearing the same messages/teachings over and over.  It felt to me there must be something more, something deeper, something that we are missing… the deeper mysteries of His Kingdom.  I kept on telling the Lord that I was tired of being fed with baby food, that I wanted solid meat!

I remember one night, about a week after the launch of my album, I was sitting on my bed, and I went to Sarah’s website.  I heard of her from a friend who played the french horn at my album launch.  She kept on telling me about this ‘Sarah Jubilee’ girl, and the amazing messages and revelations she receives from God.

When I opened up her website, I saw that I can download her book ‘Jubilee – Sounding of the awakening blast of the horn’.  I immediately started reading it, and I could literally not put the book down.  As I was reading it I just started crying which soon turned into sobbing, and I could just feel the presence of Holy Spirit intensely in my room. I realized that the messages in the book was what I was craving for all the time!  It just excited and filled my spirit to a point where I felt I could burst! It was messages from God which I’ve never heard before, though in a way it still felt so familiar, as if it was bringing me home.

I saw that she lived in South Africa, in Hermanus.  I just thought to myself that I would really like to meet her. The thought even crossed my mind that I should send her my album, but I thought that that would maybe come across too vain, so I just left it. To my shocking surprise she got my details and send me a message a few weeks later, telling me that she heard about my music, and asking me where she can purchase a cd. I messaged her back, and told her that her book had such a big impact on me and blessed me immensely, and that I will post her a cd with pleasure.

Long story short, I ended up visiting her in Hermanus and we became best friends! She absolutely loved my music, and I absolutely loved her teachings/writings from Abba. I learned so much from her, she was such a great example to me of how one should live a life fully surrendered to Yeshua, no compromise, no space for lukewarmness. Yeshua was her first love, and I wanted what she had, that deep intimate love relationship with Him, living a life of absolute purity!

As the time went on i kept on telling Abba that I so badly just want to sing what she writes, because I am so passionate about the messages. It just helped me grow spiritually to another level, drawing me closer and closer to Him, understanding His ways and His principles so much more! But once again I just left it, not knowing at all that that was exactly His plan for us! It was enough for me just to have an awesome new friend, not realizing our destinies was about to intertwine.


A few months later, she send me a voicenote in the evening, with her singing some of the lyrics from ‘First Love’, out of her Shama book.  It was just her beautiful voice, no instruments.  I listened to it, closed my eyes, and I started imagining the piano in the background.  A song slowly started forming in my mind. I know now that something important was being released in the spirit that night as I was sitting on my carpet in my room listening to Sarah’s voicenote.  It was the trigger that set off the whole amazing journey together.


The next night on Shavout (Pentecost), she and her mom came visiting me and we started worshipping.  I was playing the piano and Sarah put her Shama book infront of me with the lyrics of ‘First Love’.  Suddenly the music just came and I started singing the song as my fingers flowed across the piano. Before we knew it, the second song, ‘My Exodus’ came rushing out of the heavens. To me it was no coincidance that it happened on the night of Pentecost.

Within 3 days, Abba gave me the music to all 7 songs from Sarah’s ‘Shama’ book.  It just came effortlessly, and every piece of music He gave me just fitted perfectly in with the lyrics.  That was very unusual for me, because when I do write songs, I always first compose the music and then the lyrics.  This was completely out of my comfort zone, and just another confirmation that this could only be with the help from Holy Spirit.  We clearly felt Abba leading us to record an album. I still remember the one night we prayed together that He will provide for us so that we can have it produced, since its not a cheap process. We knew that it was in His will and that He will provide, but little did we know that He will literally one hour later, after we prayed, miraculously grant our request!

Within a few months our album ‘ Shama – The lifestyle of a true worshipper’ was released.


So many amazing things have happened since that time, which is too much to list.  One of the things was that He send us to Israel for 7 weeks, where we worked on another album together ‘Trumpets to Tabernacle – A Journey back to the Garden’. It was such a precious time which I will never forget. 


I am so grateful to Abba for blessing me with such an amazing sister! It is an honour to walk this journey with her. We look forward to see what His plans is in the future.  It will definetely include more beautiful lyrics and music from His heavenly throneroom!


PSALM 115:1

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to Your name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness.


I have always had a deep love for music. The first time I really experienced the presence of Yeshua was through music. I always had this desire to sing and play piano since I was a little girl. I grew up never knowing how to express the music that was inside of me. I was too afraid to sing because I was mocked and told that I should rather keep quiet. At that time I didn't take the words- 'you can't sing' as just innocent teasing from my brother. I believed it so I stopped singing although it was one of my deepest desires. Years later this desire was still buried away under fear and lies. By that time I had started to write songs about that which the Spirit was working in me. One day I asked Yeshua to take this desire to sing and make music away. It was as if it was hurting inside of me because I had no way to express it.

I put my desires on His altar and allowed it to burn, I finally gave it to Him. A few weeks after that I woke up and I heard music. It wasn't the radio or the neighbours. The music had a different sound than something I had heard before. This music came from heaven. Yeshua said: "I want to give you something." 

Suddenly I was in the spirit and Yeshua handed me a large book. I opened the book and it was filled with songs. He said: "These are the anthems of the bride. Sing them because they are for a time such as this. Release a new sound. The sound of My heart for My bride. It needs to circumcise the ears of My people." He showed me a heavenly choir and then He looked at me and said: "Start singing the words that I give to you for they are songs that needs to be heard." The vision continued and Yeshua showed me a room that was filled with musical instruments. The instruments were made of gold. There were instruments that I had never seen before on the earth. Yeshua said: "Pick an instrument." Immediately I had a golden shofar in my hand. It looked like something between a shofar and a trumpet. He said: "Sing through it the songs that I give to you so that My bride can hear that I AM calling them, awakening them so that they may come forth to My garden." The vision ended. 

Just a short while after that I went to visit a friend of mine. Lize Wiid is someone that I truly respect for the choices that she made in her life to return to the King and live a surrendered life of serving Him. We became close friends after she had read the Jubilee book and then came to visit me for a weekend. I will always remember that... We had such a good time sharing with each other. We danced with flags in the garden, she shared her testimony and we just enjoyed the presence of the Father that weekend. We became best friends after that. The most important thing that we had in common was the fact that our greatest desire is to know Yeshua as our First Love. Although we both have very different stories and a big age difference it didn't matter because Abba was and still is the centre of our friendship. 

In that time that Abba told me to start singing I recorded a voice note while I was singing- "Return to your first love". It was the first song in the Shama book. For some other reason I decided to send the voice note to Lize. This was outside my character as I was shy about singing. The night after that I stayed over at Lize's house after we had to go to Cape Town for ministry reasons. Lize made us a nice meal and after that we decided that we wanted to worship a little. Lize unpacked her piano keyboard and then I did the next unusual thing. I took the Shama book, opened it at the song- "Return to your First Love" and I put it in front of her. She started playing piano and it was as if there was a big release in the spirit. Abba's presence was tangible and somewhere between the written words of the pages of the Shama book and the keys of her keyboard something more than a song was birthed. 


I sat back in my chair and heard Yeshua saying: "Take these songs to the nations for My bride has to hear." He showed me a picture of how He brought Lize and I together to release these songs. He would give the lyrics to the songs through my pen and He gave Lize the music that goes with it. It was perfect! Lize shared with me afterward that she one day asked Yeshua that she wanted to sing what I say because she was so passionate about the messages in the books. Yeshua literally allowed her to do this. Three months after that we released our first album together called "Shama- The lifestyle of a true worshipper". The call was not just to worship, sing or make music. The call is still to live a lifestyle of worship and to lead the bride in that. 

There are many exciting and amazing stories and testimonies of things that happened on this journey together to which we can just give the glory to Messiah! 

Since the first album Abba has refined the sound that He releases through us. I believe He will continue to do that... may it always be a pure sound to Him. 

Lize has started playing harp and also stands in the shoes of a music producer. She has released an instrumental album and we have released two albums together and we are currently working together on the next album. 

The name that Abba has given us is 'Tehillah Harvest'

Tehillah means: 

To sing, to laud. A spontaneous new song. Singing from a melody in your heart by adding words to it. This refers to a special kind of singing-it is singing unprepared, unrehearsed songs. Brings tremendous unity to the body of Christ. Singing straight to God.  It is the praise that God inhabits (sits enthroned on) (Psalm 22:3) God manifests Himself in the mids of exuberant singing.


Scripture: Psalms 22:3, 34:1, 40:3, 66:2, 2 Chronicles 20:22  


This kind of worship will bring in a harvest. It will be a harvest of a bride who sings a new song to the King. It is a song of love and worship! A song that lasts and sings loud through all of the worlds noises until He comes again to receive us as a pure bride unto Him.


You can buy our albums on iTunes, or order it directly from us on our online store: https://www.bridalharvest.com/online-store

You can also listen to a few of our songs on youtube.