She made a choice to surrender all she was so that God could compose her biggest lifesong of all!

In February 2017, Lize underwent surgery to have a big brain tumour removed. As she lay in hospital recovering, God revealed to her that she should share her life story in the form of a book. Before receiving this instruction from Abba Father, the idea of writing a book about her life had never even crossed her mind. Lize hardly saw herself as an author and was content to spend her time composing music and singing the songs that Abba gave her. But God always does so much more than what we can ask for or imagine. During her 11 days in hospital, it became very clear that the book had been part of God’s plan for her all along. Lize realised that the removal of her brain tumour and her path to healing were like reaching the top of a very high mountain. Yet it would be impossible to share the victorious part about making it to the top without sharing her whole journey on how she got there. This is her story of how she left her First Love, and the many twists and turns she took before she finally found her way back Home. May her story inspire you, encourage you, bless you, give you hope and may you realise that God makes ALL THINGS NEW – even YOU and ME.