I had to ask myself this question many times lately. Normally the answer would be, 'I choose the journey where I'm happy, where God gives me all the desires of my heart, a journey where i walk a road that's not too hard, but relatively easy, having enough money, living in a beautiful house, married to the man of my dreams, having children' and I can go on and on... But then when you look back you realize that your life didn't exactly work out the way you wanted it to, and you look at other people who have what you always wanted to have, you start comparing yourself, you become negative, discouraged, you start complaining, and before you know it your thoughts becomes your biggest enemy. You cry out to God and ask Him why is everything taking so much longer than you thought it would. Why is He stretching you so much and it just seems like there's no progress. Why has He not given you all your heart's desires yet. You feel like if He's gonna stretch you any longer, you are going to break.

While pondering on all these things, i was driving home one day after meeting friends at a beautiful farm in Somerset West. I had to choose to take a shortcut home or to take a bit of a longer route, but much more beautiful than the shorter route. I asked Yeshua what His thoughts was and just felt in my spirit that I must take the longer beautiful route. As i was driving home, I heard Him softly whispering to me, telling me that so many of His children want to take shortcuts in life, but that is plan B for their lives and not plan A. They take the shorter route which is not as beautiful as it could've been if they were just prepared to take the longer route. As i was driving I saw so much beauty; the beautiful mountains, vineyards, valleys, gardens, lakes, flowers and I can carry on. It just really took my breath away and I realized that i would've definitely missed out on this beauty if I took the shortcut. I didn't mind at all that it took me longer to reach my destination.

So my answer to this question is this - I choose the journey which God chooses for me, because that is the BEST journey! Why? Because HE IS YAHWEH, He is the Creator of the Universe and everything beyond that, and He knows what He is doing!!! He is my Yeshua, and I choose to take His hand and walk this journey with Him, and I choose to see the beauty along the way! And yes, i know it won't always be easy, there will be tests and trials and obstacles, but I choose to be an overcomer through Him! I choose to climb over the mountains, but while I'm climbing, I shall see the beauty! If im constantly complaining and comparing, I will miss out on the beauty, and it won't be a pleasant journey! I choose plan A for my life, and not plan B. If it takes me longer to get there, then so be it. Besides, it is not just about the destination, but also the journey along the way! I choose this journey with Him, because I am not here for myself and my own desires, I am here for Him! To serve Him to love Him, to live for Him, to lay down my life for Him! That is the journey I choose! Bring it on!